food videos, food photography, best light imageI’m going to start this post with 2 words – Tasty videos. If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media, you know what they are. In a video lasting less than a minute, the most amazing looking food you’ve ever seen is prepped and cooked from start to finish. They’re like little film stories. Short cooking videos are incredibly popular and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. People love food.

If you’re a restaurateur, you should definitely get in on this action. I’m not suggesting you film all your recipes, but videos showing the preparation of a few well-loved dishes can go a long way toward bringing in new business. As they say, a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. The more your video is shared, the more your name is out there. Your famous lasagna might be the next internet sensation. Don’t worry about giving away your recipe secrets. Olive Garden has several of their recipes on their website and has found that it brings them even more business. No one can do it like you.

Because ambiance is another part of a successful restaurant, a video tour of your space is essential. People want to know if your place is child friendly, what the dress code is, and what to expect when they get there. (Showing up at a fine dining establishment with your cranky 3-year-old can be pretty embarrassing.) Do you have banquet facilities? Potential guests will search for video tours before they even call you. Is your kitchen exceptionally clean? Show it off! A clean restaurant is guaranteed to bring more visitors. You can add the video tours to Google Places as well as Yelp and other online review sites to give potential guests more reason to stop in.

Another cool way to showcase your restaurant is by doing a Meet The Team video. If you’ve got a great team, why not give them some credit? People like to see the faces behind the scenes. When they see a product or service as personal, consumers spend more money. Meet The Team videos also do a lot for employee morale. Working in a kitchen isn’t an easy job. Knowing that they’re valued and a vital part of your business will make for happier and more productive staff.

Restauranteurs as well as other service based businesses can really benefit from video production. We’d be happy to help you create some viral video content. Contact us so we can make a plan!