employee training, training videos, best light image, mnWhen you hire a new employee, your first duty is to train them. Depending on the business, the training process can be lengthy. And costly too, especially when safety issues are involved. Factories, medical facilities, and places where dangerous equipment is used will definitely benefit from video training their employees.

Video training has always been popular with larger companies. Chances are that if you’ve ever worked for a fast food chain or grocery store, you’ve watched several videos. They’re often used for things like food safety info, OSHA trainings, and preparedness for emergency situations. These companies use the videos because it only has to be recorded once and can then be used time and time again. It’s a smart investment.

If a manager were to sit down and explain all the information in the videos to every single new hire they’d be very ineffectively using their time. Instead, an employee can watch the videos alone and then ask questions after. They can also watch them more than once if they don’t understand something. You could also set up the employee training videos to be accessed via internet from home for convenience. Training videos are just a very cost effective solution.

How about if your business adopts new software or equipment? Wouldn’t it be easier to demonstrate once on video and allow the employees to watch and learn rather than taking time to train individually? If you run a store and get new cash registers, how much time will be spent showing each employee how to ring up sales? Time spent would be much less if you did one video training for everyone.

Smaller businesses haven’t really harnessed the power of training videos much, primarily because of the cost. Because everything is digital now, the cost of producing and editing a video is much less than it used to be, and just about every business can find room in their budget for it. It’s silly not to utilize the advances in technology to your advantage.

Yes, hands-on training is likely still going to be necessary, but if you can make a video that everyone watches for the basics, you’ll be paying for a lot less learning time. From procedures to safety measures to software tutorials, the production of employee training videos can really save your business a fortune over time. Reach out to us so we can discuss effectively training your employees in less time.