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Best Light Image Creates Many Types of Programs

Minneapolis, MN based Best Light Image offers top-quality video production, with a focus on fitting our customers needs.  What differentiates us from our competition is our passion for – and relentless pursuit of – showing you in your best light. And we do it better than anyone else.  Best Light Image offers the best in Digital Capture and Digital Editing.

Menu Driven Sales Videos

People Meeting When listening to a CD, do you ever skip a few songs to get to the one song you really want to hear? Menu driven videos offer that same flexibility to “skip ahead” or “repeat,” as they typically provide a series of short videos, each of which is described on the video’s menu screen.

This type of video is beneficial in reinforcing, for example, the advantages of your products and services. These presentations can be used with a projector for large groups or on a laptop for a one-to-one meeting. Perhaps most importantly, this tool empowers your sales force in the field by allowing them to focus on the key points of interest for each client.

Consider the old ad campaign, “Less Filling vs. Tastes Great.” If your next client cares only about taste, why waste their time and yours by talking about it being less filling? And if the next client is on a serious diet… well, you get the picture. Menu driven videos provide the flexibility to both accentuate what’s most important to your audience and ignore what’s least important.

Virtual Tours

Thumbnail - Types of Programs -Virtual Tours Do you ever wish you could bring potential customers into your office or plant, knowing full well that an onsite visit will probably knock their socks off and may very well earn you their business? Well… you can!

A primary advantage of a video tour is your ability to decide what the client will see. Virtually speaking, you can bring clients to the front door of your facility – and still maintain complete control over what they will see on the tour. If you have proprietary materials, processes, or equipment, it is easy to divert the camera from those items during filming.

In this day and age, it’s likely that you have customers across the country and around the world. With a virtual tour, you can bring your customers – whether they’re in Taylors Falls, Tupelo, or Timbuktu – into your building and introduce them to your key staff

Web Videos

Thumbnail - Types of Programs - Web Videos Have you visited a website on which a video automatically starts playing as soon as you reach the site? Research has shown that consumers stay on these sites longer than they do on static sites. Why? Video adds motion and sound to your site, reaching your audience on multiple sensory levels. Visuals strengthen your communication and increase a client’s understanding of your processes and your products.

While there was a time that videos on websites were unpopular because their sheer size adversely affected internet speeds, today’s technology renders that concern moot. Stated simply, action-packed videos and audio will strengthen your website’s appeal and enhance the consumer experience.

Instructional/Training Videos

Thumbnail - Types of Programs Page - Instructional Videos What is the single most expensive asset in most businesses? Human capital! And while we will always need people, we can save time and money if we rely on them for fewer tasks.

The advantages of an instructional, training, or policy video are twofold. First, prerecorded videos deliver a clear and consistent message while freeing up trainers to do other things. Second, a video message is not influenced by a trainer’s mood or personal judgments, ensuring that every employee receives the same unwavering message.

Commercial Production

Thumbnail - Types of Programs Page -Commercial Production Think about how much TV has changed in your lifetime – what we watch and how we watch it is so much different today than it was 20, 40, or 60 years ago. Yet one thing remains unchanged: big corporations still spends millions of dollars annually on commercials. Why? When done well, commercials can significantly enhance a company’s branding strategy.

Commercials aim to entice, entertain, and clearly indentify you and your brand. In just 30 seconds, an effective commercial convinces your audience that you provide quality products and services. When Best Light Image makes a commercial, we offer insightful creativity and we insist on a specific call to action because that is what will grow your business.


Thumbnail - Testimonal Page - Twin City EDM We live in a competitive world, where information is quite literally at our fingertips. Gaining an advantage over your competitors is crucial, and testimonial videos can provide that competitive edge.

Harness the power of a third party endorsement regarding your commitment, qualifications, and quality of work. Potential customers are far more likely to trust a product or service when recommended by someone just like them.

Live Events

Thumbnail - Types of Programs - Live Events If you’ve ever visited YouTube, you know it is easy to distinguish between the amateur video shot from one location using a handheld device and the professional video shot from several angles and locations using state-of-the-art equipment.

At Best Light Image, we shoot live events from multiple angles with multiple cameras. This allows the editor to highlight close-ups as well as offer wider perspectives, providing greater variety and interest for the viewer. The footage is then edited into a seamless production. Your logo, along with captions and titles, are added to identify and clarify details of the event.

Tradeshow Video Loops

Thumbnail - Types of Programs - Tradeshow Loops If you’ve ever sat in the waiting room at a doctor’s office, you may well have seen a video loop playing on a monitor in the corner. Of course you may not have even noticed it was a loop, either because you were fortunate not to be waiting long or because you subconsciously tuned it out right from the start. That second possibility won’t happen with video loops created by Best Light Image.

Tradeshow Video Loops are constructed to impart the most critical information in the shortest amount of time. But due to the nature of tradehows, participants experience sensory overload. So in order to effectively anchor your message in the minds of wandering participants, your tradeshow loop needs to be brief, repetitive, and powerful. Videos of this type are a good example of how and why the art of presentation is every bit as important as video equipment and shooting techniques.