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Tom Plantenberg / Co-Owner

Tom contributes to Best Light Image as a producer, videographer, editor and creative director.  He has over 15 years of combined experience in filmmaking and video production. His dedication to excellence along with his enthusiasm for the filmmaking process will assure your production will exceed your expectations.

With over two decades of marketing experience in the medical manufacturing sector, Tom has learned the importance of clear internal and customer messaging. The best way to tell your story is with video. Utilizing video, you have the ability to engage the viewer visually and audibly, but there’s more. Adding appropriate music brings emotion into the equation; and lighting for the mood you want to convey adds additional depth to your presentation.

Working with customers ranging from medical, food processing equipment, filtration, hydraulics, aerospace and automotive, he has practical experience and an understanding of many industries.  Tom’s unique blend of knowledge enables him to generate strong and effective video and cinematic productions. Their company, Best Light Image, LLC offers full video production services, from start to finish.

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Full-Service Video Production; Telling Your Story

We’re here to tell your story in a “Bigger Than Life Way”.  We offer our clients great video production services here in the Minneapolis – St Paul metro area and throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Our first step in achieving a successful production is to develop a script that clearly tells your story. From the script we generate a storyboard, so we know what video shots are needed, to demonstrate your story with flair. We light each scene with the message in mind, then capture the story on video for the editing process. The editing process is where it all comes together. The video is color graded so the varied shots blend seamlessly. Graphics, titles and animations can be added to the video footage, to enhance the effectiveness of the story. Audio is brought into the editing process as well; narration, on-camera talent and music are mixed to bring the visuals to life.

In-House Services Offered:

  • Scripting and Storyboarding
  • Lighting and Scene Design
  • Videography
  • Digital Cinematography
    • Log Formats
    • Raw
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Audio
    • On Camera
    • Narration
    • Music
    • Sound Effects
  • Editing
    • Transitional Effects
    • Color Correction
    • Color Grading
  • Delivery


Cathy Plantenberg / Co-Owner

As a professional musician, published composer, published author and entertainer for 20 years, Cathy has an extraordinary understanding of presentation. She contributes as a composer on many of the video scores. Video, like music, has a fluid quality.  In video there is a need for blending the visual and auditory components to achieve the essential quality of the production.  She brings her experienced eyes and ears to the filmmaking process.

Cathy continues to study scripting, essay and memoir at the “Loft Writing Center”. Her rich experience at the Loft has exposed her to many authors, teachers and writing styles.  She brings these expanded writing techniques to the scripting process at Best Light Image, LLC.

Cathy is a talented salesperson, having won many sales awards. She identifies with the sales process from the seller’s perspective as well as the customer viewpoint. Her insight provides a balance to sales and marketing programs as well as broadcast commercials. Cathy brings her rounded proficiency of life experience to Best Light Image, LLC.

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Best Light Image, LLC develops creative and effective video programs. Utilizing the latest technologies, we work with our customers to generate the most relevant and engaging content pertinent to the viewer. Let Best Light Image, LLC create your next video production.















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